DigiConnect Separator

Getting Started

Where can I accept incoming connections?
How do I create a DigiCard?
Can I create more than one DigiCard?
Can I upload my own business card design?
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The Basics of DigiConnect

How do I import contacts?
What does the icons mean at the top of the Personal Cards area?
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Account Settings

How can I deactivate my account?
Can I change the email address that I signed up with?
Where can I make password changes?
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Privacy and Safety

How can I change my privacy settings?
If my phone is stolen, how can I protect my info?
How can I hide my card from peer connection searches?
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DigiCards Explained

Why can’t I edit some DigiCards?
What does the star mean on the Personal Cards?
Can I email a Peer from their DigiCard?
How can I share my DigiCard when the person I want to share it with doesn’t have the app?
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I can only create 1 personal card, why is that?
I imported a contact, where can I view the imported card?
Where can I upload my resume?
Can’t find out how to add twitter to my DigiCard.
I am having difficulty scrolling through my card categories on my phone. What should I do?

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