Privacy & Safety

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Password Recovery

Password protection and strength is your responsibility. You are solely responsible for any activity that occurs under your account. Please choose your password wisely, change it often and keep it in a secure place. Forgot your password? Enter the email address that you signed up with and we'll email you your password. Learn about changing your password here.

DigiConnect Recover Your Password

Access the website's login page to recover a lost or forgotten pasword.

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Data Privacy

Add, share or display as much personal information as you wish on your Personal Card; it's completely up to you. Keep your private information private by hiding what you don't want others to see in our public Peer Connect network. People who are apart of your network (the people who you've exchanged and accepted connection requests) are privy to all data entered by you.

Unchecked check boxes means that your data is hidden from people you have NOT connected with. Check the selections of data that you would like to show. Any data that you wish to keep private from anyone, we insist that it shouldn't be entered into the system.

Protect your data

In the personal info section, two identifying pieces of information must be shown to prevent having a blank DigiCard shown in our Peer Connect network. Pick any two sections that you are comfortable with displaying. Once you are connected with a peer, the peer has access to all information that you've entered.

Protect your data

Lastly, the option of not appearing in the public Peer Connect network is available as well. Uncheck the Peer Connections option under the Data Privacy Settings to remove your 'Personal Default Card' from the public Peer Connect Network.

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Device Security

In the event that your phone is lost or stolen, we add an extra level of security by allowing you to remove your device. Removing your device, forces your phone to logout automatically. In order to regain access to your connections or personal information, you will have to sign in using your original email and password. This option is only accessible on the website.

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