Getting Started

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Downloading The DigiConnect App

Potential members can download the DigiConnect app from our homepage. The homepage has a series of blue download buttons that send text messages directly to your phone with a link to download the DigiConnect app.

Homepage text 2 phone

The app is also available via Google Play and the Apple App Store; these links can be access from the homepage as well.

Download the DigiConnect app

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Sign Up

App Sign up

Potential members can sign up via DigiConnect with just a few steps. If you want fewer steps, sign up is made easier with social network integration. Sign up with your facebook, LinkedIn or Google account for instant access.

DigiConnect App Sign up

Upon sign up, account activation is needed in order to gain access to the DigiConnect app and website. Check your email or spam folder for a DigiConnect welcome email. Or, activate your account by having a text message (with an activation link) sent to your phone. Activate your account as per the instructions. Log into the app; you should now be able to access the dashboard on your mobile phone.

The DigiConnect app keeps you signed in for quick as easy access to your business connections. There is no need to log into the app unless a user manually logs out of the system.

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Login to DigiConnect website the same way that you signed up. If a user signed up with a social network like facebook, use the facebook option to login to the system.

how to log into the website

Users only log into the app once. DigiConnect keeps the user logged in to quickly access DigiCards and make connections. In the event of a manual logout/ Device removal, log back into the system using the social network that was used during sign up.

If the DigiConnect sign up option was used, simply input your email address and password that was used during sign up. If by any chance you can not remember the email or password in which you sign up, utilize the 'forgot passwword' option to send the email address and password used during sign up to your email. More about recovering forgotten passwords here.

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Dashboard Alerts

On the website, alerts are accessed by clicking on the dashboard link. Alerts are different types of connection requests. The dashboard displays:

Dashboard on the Web

Incoming Connection Requests are requests/digital introductions from people who would like to connect with you and exchange digital business cards.

Accepted Outbound Requests are requests, sent by you, to other people who have accepted your request to connect and exchange digital business cards.

Accepted Inbound Requests are reminders of which incoming requests you've accepted from others.

Pending Outbound Requests are requests, sent by you, that have not been accepted by a peer.

Declined Outbound Requests are requests, sent by you, that have been declined.

On the mobile app, alerts appear on the dashboard screen and are accessed by clicking on the red 'alerts' bubble. The Alerts display:

Dashboard on the app

Incoming Connection Requests

Accepted Requests which is a combination of Accepted Outbound and Inbound Requests.

Pending Outbound Requests

Declined Outbound Requests

Accepting a person's Connection Request makes that person privy to all data inputted on the Personal Card that you requested the connection with. The new connection/contact is now viewable in the DigiCards area. If a user has more than one 'Personal Card' it can not be viewed by the new connection. If a user wants to share two Personal Cards with another professional, it has to be done individually with each card. All digital cards are shared on an individual basis. Users can always decline a Connect request from another user. Connection Request are made by clicking the Peer Connect Icon on the Peer Connect card.

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Creating, Adding & Editing Digital Cards

The 'Add Card' button creates blank Personal and DigiCards. While on the web, 'Add Card' takes the user directly to the 'Manual Card Creation' screen.

Add Cards to your account Add Cards to your account

On the DigiConnect app, a user is prompted to 'Manually Create a New Card' or 'Take a Photo of a New Card' from your phone's camera.

Manual Card Creation

The Manual Card Creation screen allows users to add/edit their digital business cards by sections. As each section is completed, some personal and business information that was entered appears on the card preview display. All sections can be fully viewed in the expanded card view.

Manual Card Creation Web Manual Card Creation DigiConnect App

Personal section houses personal data like your name, email and phone number.

Personal Card Section Personal Card Section

Business section houses information about your company and job title.

Business Card Section Business Card Section

Networking section houses links to social networks that you are apart of. For example, twitter, facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

Personal Card Section Networking Card Section

Resume section houses your cover letter and resume. After the cover letter and resume are uploaded their icons appear green in the 'Expanded Card View.'

Resume Card Section Resume Card Section

Card Photo section houses the photos that users upload to the card. A photo of a card (like a .jpeg), a personl photo and a photo of a logo can be added in this section

If you have a fancy card with design integrity that you don't want to lose, add the card's .jpeg to your phone and upload it in 'Card Photo' slot, under 'Card Photo' section on the Manual Card Creation screen.

Card Photo Card Section Card Photo Card Section

Properties section houses details of the card, like the category it's in, the date it was created, the location of where the digital card was exchanged and much more.

Card properties GPS exchange location, hides where the digital cards were exchanged from unknown peers in the Peer Connect network. Once DigiCards are exchanged this information becomes viewable to peers located in the DigiCard section.The app only accesses your location for the exchange and after the exchange the app no longer continously tracks your location.

Properties Card Section Properties Card Section

The Take a Photo of a New Card app option allows users to take a photo of a physical business card. Once the photo is taken, it is it is stored in the card preview display area and scanned by an OCR software that digitizes the card. The newly added card is now in the DigiCards section. Additional information can be added by the user by editing the DigiCard and adding data in the sections of the Manual Card Creation screen.

Take A Photo

Import Cards button located on the dashboard of the app, allows users to import contacts from other social networks like Google and LinkedIn and turn them into DigiCards. Digitizing your business cards and organizing your other connections in one location streamlines your busy life and makes networking a breeze.

Imported Cards Web Imported Cards App

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Exchanging/Sharing Your DigiCard With Others

Once you've completed your Personal Card it is viewable in the Peer Connect network with your permission. The Peer Connect network is the perfect place to find new local contacts/connections.

Industry View

You can share your card with other DigiConnect members or to other professionals who don't have the app. The letter icon allows your Personal and Digicards to be sent by email, vcard attachment, DigiConnect's Peer network and text message. More details about digital card sharing here. Learn ways to protect your privacy here.

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Account Subscriptions

On the app, paid subscription options can be accessed from the settings button. On the website, subscription options can be found under the settings link just under the email change section.

App Subscriptions

Freemium - $0 allows the creation of 1 Personal Card and 12 DigiCards.

Medium - $3.00 allows unlimited Personal and DigiCards. The user can also upload a cover letter and resume.

Premium - $8.00 coming soon.

The ability to change your email address, password, email alerts, device security and account deactivation is only accessible via the website. Additional Account Settings details can be found here.

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Additional Information

On android devices, the menu bar has buttons that quickly link to the dashboard and data privacy settings. Clicking the DigiConnect logo anywhere in the app takes the user back to the dashboard. The 'Create Card' option from the menu bar allows the user to quickly create a card while in the Personal and DigiCard section. When in the Personal and DigiCard sections, 'Share Card' from the menu bar quickly prompts the 'share your card' pop-up that displays sharing options.

App Dashboard

Are you looking for more information on DigiConnect? Do you need help with something? Want to look over our Terms and Privacy policy? All links are available on our homepage. The App has contact, about, privacy and terms links listed on the dashboard.

Additional info links

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