DigiCards Explained

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Why can’t I edit some DigiCards?
Can I add the star to another Personal Card?
Can I email a Peer from their DigiCard?

How can I share my DigiCard when the person I want to share it with doesn’t have the app?
What does the gold star mean on my card?
How can I share my secondary personal card to a potential peer?

I touched a DigiCard on my phone and now it appears as a longer card. What happened?
Can I call someone from a Digicard?
How can I send a connection request to a peer?

How do I delete a card on the app?
How do I delete a DigiCard on the website?
Can I import a DigiCard into my Google Contacts?

Can I email my Personal Card to someone who doesn't have the app?
Where can I edit my personal information on my card?
What's the difference between a Personal Card and a DigiCard?

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