About Us

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Who we are.

DigiConnect is the easiest way to make instant connections through digital business cards. Launched in January 2013, DigiConnect has become the best innovative solution to accessing personal information that is constantly changing.

Our goal.

Trees are our friends. Help us save them by maintaining and creating as many business cards that you need in an environmentally conscious way. Printing hundreds of cards is no longer the efficient way to go. Exchange as many digital cards as you need without throwing away the extra physical cards that you never used. Add, share or display as much personal information as you wish on your DigiCard; it's completely up to you.

What do you gain?

Besides tons of free space in your wallet, organizers and card files; import contacts and create digital business cards for your peers in an organized way. Gain access to local peers in your industry through our Peer Connect option. Peer Connect also allows multiple peers the ability to connect to others in the same location or surrounding locations with your permission.

How easy is it?

Your DigiConnect experience will provide you a quick an easy sign up with the option of signing up via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also create multiple business cards for your personal business(es). Upload a jpeg , take a picture or manually create a business card using our services.

Manage your account online or via our app. DigiConnect is available for Android and iPhone; make sure everyone has your most updated information.